In Sonono Radio we believe that people deserve to know the truth and everyone have the right of free education no matter where they come from or where they live. We are working on show’s that spread reliable information and knowledge to our listeners, to help them starting their new life stronger and well prepared.

What pushes us

Sonono Radio is the voice that empowers Syrians in their journey of re-fashioning and reinventing of themselves to be active and effective citizens in Dutch society. The core component of this process is providing the right roadmap to lead them through the journey.

For this reason, Sonono Radio provides an easy access to our listeners to independent news and reliable source to be utilized to redesign, re-engineer and craft a new life in the Netherlands.

What are we all about

Our mission is to facilitate the access of all Syrians to have professional consultation and information for all their questions in the Netherlands. Sonono radio provides a safe environment where listeners can express themselves and have answers from professionals providing the good solutions and options for different issues and problems they face in their daily life.

In addition, we believe that our family is not only from Syrians but also from the locals who would like to meet inspiring newcomers and know more about Syria and get to experience our special culture and have a piece of it.

Who we are

Sonono Radio is a non-profit organization based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Runs by Syrian professionals. The team is highly motivated to support Syrians through the marathon of creating new life in the Netherlands.

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